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Take Our Word for It ... We Love Lakewood!
Here's what fellow Residents of Lakewood Park have to say about their lifestyle

Lakewood is more than a manufactured home community.  It is a unique community within itself and within a larger community outside.  The amenities we enjoy are literally too numerous to recount, but let us start with only a few.

The first noticeable one is the sheer beauty of the park including the lakes and the canals and all the lovely waterfowl we enjoy year round.  Then there is the clubhouse and all the advantages and social opportunities it offers.  We have the swimming pool, billiards, card games, bingo, singing, line dancing and many other social events.  We even have a special jukebox with music from our not so distant past.  We have a special club composed of many dedicated Residents who have a keen desire to make living in Lakewood as enjoyable and pleasant as possible.  The entry gates offer us peace of mind.  Perhaps the most striking feature of Lakewood is the peace, harmony and tranquility found and felt here.

We have owners who truly enjoy providing the Residents with the best facility and opportunities available anywhere.  And we have managers who devote their time and energy seeing that life here is more pleasant.  We readily see that Residents genuinely care for and about each other and become and extension of our own family.  But on the other hand, if a resident wishes to tend to themselves then all others respect their desires and do not infringe.  Each is given the right to be him or herself without interference.

Hopefully, more of us will begin to take advantage of the many and varied opportunities available to us at Lakewood.  Let us open our eyes to see what an opportunity we have here.

B. Glover

Lakewood is a wonderful place for me.  I can look out from my deck at the beautiful pond and water fountain and know that it is well taken care of. If I have a stressful day, all I have to do is go out on my deck and watch the ducks and waterfall.  It is wonderful!  The time and effort the Owners spend in making things better here is why they call us a 5 Star Park.  I have never felt as safe or happy as I do here.  My children know I am safe and happy, and that makes me happy. THANK YOU for giving me the comfort of living in this beautiful Park and THANK YOU for caring for ALL OF US here.

H. Smith

We know that Lakewood is one of the best senior parks in the area and this is due to the Owners continuing efforts.  Our sister lives in another senior park and is not happy with the way it is run.  We are sorry that she didn’t get an opportunity to purchase in Lakewood Park.  We want to thank you for your caring about how Lakewood Park is doing and for the many little things that you do to make it a more desirable place to live.

The McGees

We have been so fortunate to live at Lakewood for 23+ years and have such wonderful owners, managers and assistant managers.  People rarely move out of this park except for health reasons, and I assure you I will be one who does not leave until I HAVE to.  Our friends who have been here have remarked they now know why we like it so much.  They are amazed that the people are so caring and friendly.  Lakewood,  such a wonderful atmosphere to live in.

I. Dale